Initialization Sequence

Commence Operations with CodeAI

Greetings, Codemaster. Your voyage into the CodeAI universe is set to commence. Prepare for a journey like no other.

Step 1: Registration. Proceed to and establish your identity. This is your key to unlock a new realm of possibilities.

Step 2: Select Your Plan. Whether you are a lone ranger, a squadron leader, or a galactic enterprise, we have an array of plans for every entity. A 7-day trial is available for exploratory missions. Get started on the pricing page.

CodeAI Pricing Plans

Step 3: Configure Your Dashboard. The dashboard is your command module. Generate your API key in the settings page. Guard this key with your life force.

Generate API Key

Step 4: Download the VSCode Extension. Install the extension, access the settings within the extension, and input your API key in the field. Reboot your VSCode IDE, and prepare for liftoff!

Remember, you can always access your metrics and manage your subscriptions at

Input API Key

Congratulations, Codemaster! You have successfully initiated your journey with CodeAI. The cosmos awaits your creativity. Are you prepared for the next mission? Engage hyperdrive!