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Unleash the Power of Your Code

Our cutting-edge AI is the secret weapon you need, to optimize your development process whether you're writing your first line of code or architecting enterprise-level systems. Become a coding maestro - let CodeAI transform your 'what ifs' into 'what is'.

Everything you need

Innovate at Light Speed with CodeAI.

CodeAI is the ultimate sidekick for pioneers who write the future in code. While traditional tools lag behind, CodeAI is the relentless powerhouse that amplifies your programming prowess.

Add to CodeAI for Real-Time Enhancements
Easily add code snippets to CodeAI for instant suggestions and improvements. The interactive chat feature allows you to get real-time feedback and enhance your code snippets on the fly.
Effortlessly Generate Commit Messages
Never worry about writing commit messages again. CodeAI automatically generates clean, formatted commit messages based on your git diffs, following best practices and ensuring your commit history is always clear and descriptive.
Automate and Enhance Your Changelog
Keep your project documentation up to date effortlessly. CodeAI can generate and update changelogs with commit hashes included for easy reference. New entries are seamlessly appended to existing changelogs, maintaining the structure and style for consistency.

Boost your productivity.
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Within 30 seconds, elevate your coding to the next level. Download, sign-up, and see your first project transform instantly. Experience an immediate leap in efficiency and code precision. Trust us, it's just the beginning.

Simple pricing, no commitment

Explore our diverse range of pricing plans designed to suit developer teams of every size.

Newbie - Kickstart Your Journey


Get Started for free, No credit/debit card required

  • Get a taste of coding with our AI model with 100 calls per month to get you started.
  • Protect your data with our end-to-end encryption feature.
  • Perfect for beginners working on small projects or learning to code.

Solo - Boost Your Code



Billed monthly

Try for free, 7 days. Then just $12/month.

  • Turbocharge your coding with our AI model featuring a 4K context window.
  • Relish the freedom of 2,000 calls per month across key features like code suggestions (1,000 calls), test generation (500 calls), documentation generation (300 calls), and code auto-complete inline (200 calls).
  • Protect your data with our end-to-end encryption feature.
  • Ideal for individual developers working on personal projects or freelancers handling small-scale projects.

Pro - Enhance Your Professional Journey



Billed monthly

Try for free, 7 days. Then just $55/month.

  • Transform your coding with our AI model offering a 16K context window.
  • Utilize up to 18,000 calls per month across various features: code suggestions (8,000 calls), test generation (4,000 calls), documentation generation (3,000 calls), and code auto-complete inline (3,000 calls).
  • Protect your data with our end-to-end encryption feature.
  • Ideal for individual professionals or small groups working on complex projects.
  • Experience our priority email support offering a fast 24-hour response time.

Frequently asked questions

If you have further inquiries, feel free to reach out to us..

    • How can I trust the code generated by CodeAI?

      At the heart of CodeAI is a promise of trust and efficiency. Our advanced algorithms ensure optimal and reliable code generation, and the positive testimonials from our ever-growing user base stand as testament to our commitment.

    • Is CodeAI taking over the role of a software developer?

      Absolutely not. CodeAI is your reliable developer pairing buddy. It takes care of the routine, repetitive tasks so you can focus on the more creative, complex aspects of coding.

    • Can the use of CodeAI be viewed as unfair advantage?

      CodeAI is a tool designed to enhance your capabilities, not to give unfair advantage. It's akin to having a state-of-the-art code editor or debugger — it optimizes your workflow and boosts your productivity.

    • Is there an age restriction to use CodeAI?

      Not at all! CodeAI is designed for everyone — from the budding young coder exploring the programming world to the seasoned developer navigating complex projects.

    • How can I share suggestions for improving CodeAI?

      We're always looking for ways to better CodeAI. If you have any suggestions or ideas, you can send them directly to our dedicated suggestion box at Your feedback is invaluable to us!

    • Is my code safe with CodeAI?

      Absolutely. CodeAI functions locally in your development environment and does not store your code or any other sensitive information. We value your privacy and data security above all.

    • Can CodeAI handle large projects?

      Yes, CodeAI can handle projects of varying sizes, from individual scripts to large scale applications. Its efficiency in generating code, unit tests, and documentation is not affected by the size of the project.

    • Does CodeAI support multiple programming languages?

      Yes, CodeAI supports a variety of popular programming languages. You can view the complete list of supported languages on our website.

    • How do I report a bug in CodeAI?

      If you encounter a bug, please report it via our bug report form available on our website or contact our customer support. We appreciate your help in making CodeAI better.